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30-Hour Advanced Assisting Training w/ Susannah Freedman



Join Susannah Freedman in learning how to deepen your capacity to assist students of every level. You will start by going back to the basics of how to effectively assist Surya Namaskar A and B, and then add on some of the more "yummier/feel good" assists that can help your students relax into the poses. From there, you will progress to back bends, inversions, arm balances, and deep Savasana assists. Along with physical assists, you will go over proper verbal cues to help your students in even greater ways. This is a Yoga Alliance certified training; to receive all 30 hours towards towards further certification, attendance for all sessions and two class assists for Susannah are required. 

Susannah has been teaching Yoga since 2010, and is renowned for her assists. In 2014 she received her Masters in Philosophy & Religion, and  is currently part of the core faculty for the Love Story Yoga Teacher Training.

Friday 3/29, 8:00-6:00pm
Saturday 3/30, 8:00-6:00pm
Sunday 3/31, 8:00-4:00pm