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Hip Openers for Happy Spines w/ Mira Valeria


$40 at the door | $35 in advance

This all-levels workshop is all about opening the full circumference of the hips. We will build into a slow flow that focuses on the pelvis and spine and incorporates plenty of twists. We will then transition back to the ground for a long seated sequence of longer-held openers. Part (moderate) effort, part relaxation, all juicy.

Mira's classes are rooted in gratitude – to Self, to others, and to all teachers, in whatever form they appear. She strives to teach students to cultivate their own practice of love and devotion in a way that feels authentic to them; to embrace change and breathe through uncomfortable moments; and to use yoga as a tool to explore possibility, to seek out our edges, to unleash our potential and allow for some freedom to play.