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Business Of Yoga: The Modern Day Hustle with Danni Pomplun



It can be overwhelming to figure out how to get into a studio to expand your teaching offerings and to effectively market yourself as both a teacher and your own brand. In this training, we will address how to stay authentically you, how to make it as a teacher in this growing & evolving industry all while keeping the inspiration real for your students (and yourself) too.

You will learn to:
Define your unique strengths and strategies to build a yoga business
Leverage teaching opportunities: studio, corporates, privates, and online
Boost your brand and unlock revenue opportunities
Acquire your ideal customer in the digital world – email marketing, social media outreach, etc.
Develop your personal brand and own your authentic image
Travel to lead specialty workshops and trainings at studios and festivals
How to operate and manage your business--taking those first preliminary steps

About Danni:
As a teacher for over 8 years, Danni has been working tirelessly to build his brand from the ground up. It has required a lot of tenacity, dedication, hard work, a few tears, and more hard work. Now, he travels to teach nationally and lead teacher trainings both locally and internationally, he has own line of clothing to benefit homeless youth, he teaches prime time public classes at major studios in SF, leads workshops & retreats, his his own podcast…the list goes on. Danni designed this training because he has seen teachers graduate from teacher trainings wanting to be able to offer more, but not knowing where to start or who to ask. 

You will walk away from this training more prepared than ever before to run your own personal business. There will be a professional photoshoot including take-away headshots & Instagram-worthy photos, and you will receive 6 CEC’s for attending this workshop.


Friday, October 18: 5 - 9pm

Saturday, October 19: 9am - 12pm