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Winter Solstice Rest & Manifest


$36 advance purchase | $45 at the door

Winter solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year, when the sun is at its lowest arc in the sky. Symbolically, the solstice is a time of turning inward, into the darkness, into the depths of the unknown. It’s a time of tuning in to the natural rhythms of winter and slowing down to connect to our intuition.

Join Jeremy Falk & Abigail Tyler on an inward journey of deep rest and relaxation as we guide our way into the shadows with our intuitive compass lighting the path. Our journey will include Kundalini mantra and breath work, slow yin flow, powerful yoga nidra meditation for full moon manifestations, and sound healing. We will access a deep journeying into the self through Pyrenees Koshi Chimes, Peruvian Seed Rattle, Chilean Cactus Rain Stick, Frame & Ocean Drum, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and the loving vibrations of the Gong.

Dive into winter with us!