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Intro to Acro Yoga


Come join Alyssa and Charles as they introduce the common building blocks of Acro Yoga. Acro Yoga is a physical practice that combines acrobatics, healing arts, and yoga. There is a more active, acrobatic side, which we refer to as Solar, and there is a softer, more therapeutic side, which we refer to as Lunar. In this workshop, we will focus primarily on the Solar, but we will touch upon Lunar therapeutics near the end of the workshop. Explore the different roles of base, flyer, and spotter. Learn to base and fly, uplifting and supporting others as we build strength and trust.

No experience necessary. Come alone or bring a friend. Wear comfortable clothing for movement, and avoid long earrings and "strappy" tops.

Alyssa has been sharing her passion for Yoga since 2009. Early on in her teaching career, she began an Ashtanga practice that would heavily influence her classes. Alyssa is 500RYT certified, and has over 1,000 hours of training in Vinyasa, Hatha, Hot Vinyasa, Moksha, Yin Yoga and Acro Yoga. She believes in a balanced practice that helps us to be present and to let go of the distractions and doubts that create our everyday dis-ease. She finds that through a physically and mentally challenging practice, we can find a sense of calm and grow our practice by applying what we do on the mat, off the mat.

Charles Green is a certified yoga teacher with three years of Acro Yoga teaching and performance experience alongside Alyssa Arroyo. When he's not teaching, training or performing acrobatics, he builds healthcare apps for the treatment of substance use disorders.

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