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The Journey Into Arm Balancing w/ Betty Roi



Come and experience a sense of playfulness in these delightfully challenging poses, cultivating wholesome intelligence of the body. Arm balances expand our inner sense of equilibrium and integration. With regular practice they develop lightness, strength, courage and agility; freeing the mind and body of limiting habitual patterns.

This workshop will emphasize the process of arm balancing. Preparation will include: hip openers, twisting poses, core awakening, and wrist and shoulder conditioning.

We will learn to struggle less with the muscular strength of the arms and upper body by using the alignment of the bones for optimal leverage, while connecting to the source of our core. The essence of balancing on our hands is in creating a steady foundation that allows us to equally root into the earth while taking flight.

This workshop is open to all levels of practice. Beginners as well as seasoned practitioners will learn how to start and/or refine their practice of arm balancing.