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Astro Flow w/ Susannah Freedman


$35 | $30 early bird pricing until April 30

Astrology serves as a blueprint of the karma we are playing out during a specific period of time. Currently the themes of death and rebirth (Pluto), rebellion (Uranus), structure (Saturn) and dreams/prayers (Neptune) are in relationship with each other indicating that this is an auspicious time to do the difficult work in bringing our dreams into reality.

In this workshop, you will learn how to harness the energy of the astrological moment to keep yourself inspired and on track in the pursuit of your dreams. The first 90 minutes will be lecture, discussion and personal work, followed by a 90-minute flow based in grounding poses, and poses that let you take flight.

Susannah has her masters in Philosophy & Religion and she is certified as a Psychological Astrologer. She has given chart readings and lectures around the world.