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Inner Drishti w/ Martin Scott


$35 in advance | $40 at the door

Where the gaze is directed, the attention naturally follows. So turn the attention inwards and follow the path to your soul. We often look to the outside world to help us become more centered and to find a balance. We use our eyes to find our drishti in our asana practice which helps us to become centered and focused. What if we could find this focus within?

In this workshop will we will use mantra and pranayama to prepare us to do our asana practice with the eyes closed, finding this inner sight to achieve balance and connect to the self on a deeper level.

Martin stands in the light of his greatest potential and invites others into their own - this is where his teaching comes from. He brings light and levity to every class, employing an expression of devotion and tradition, he teaches in a way that holistically inspires his students. Martin is committed to honoring all of his teachers who have led him to a life devoted to the practice and teaching yoga to others.