1:00 pm13:00

Awakening with Inversions w/ Betty Roi


Inversions are an essential aspect of a balanced yoga practice. Regular practice of these postures nourishes the vital organs, strengthens the immune and nervous system, and clears the mind, creating radiant wellbeing and serenity from the inside out.

We will work on poses and actions to stabilize and strengthen the shoulder girdle and arms, increasing the mobility of the upper back while understanding how to align the head and neck in a safe, pain-free way. We'll explore headstand, shoulderstand, forearmstand and full arm balance. This workshop is an opportunity for new students to break through their resistances to inversions and make friends with the world being upside down, and an opportunity for more seasoned students to explore more challenging variations.


Weekend with Kino MacGregor
Jun 25

Weekend with Kino MacGregor

$295 for the entire weekend  |  $65 per workshop

Kino MacGregor is an international yoga teacher, author of three books, producer of six Ashtanga Yoga DVDs, writer, world traveler, co-founder of Miami Life Center, co-founder of Yoga Challenge and OmStars Clothing. Kino’s dharma is to help people experience the limitless potential of the human spirit through the inner tradition of yoga.

She is one of the few people in the world of yoga to embrace both the traditional teaching of India’s historic past and the popular contemporary social media channels. You can find her teaching classes and workshops all over the world and on Kino Yoga Instagram and on Kino Yoga YouTube channel

With more than 15 years of experience in Ashtanga Yoga, she is one of a select group of people to receive the Certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga by its founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India and practice through the Fourth Series of Ashtanga Yoga.

Weekend Schedule

Enter the Inner Body: Friday, 6/23, 6pm - 8pm

Ashtanga Magic - Breath, Posture, and Gaze: Saturday, 6/24, 10am - 12pm

Twist Into Your Center: Saturday, 6/24, 2pm - 4pm

Ashtanga Yoga Full Primary Series: Sunday, 6/25, 10am - 12pm

Handstand Lovers: Sunday, 6/25, 2pm - 4pm

Jul 9

Yoga Physics: Weekend with Alexandria Crow

$270 for the entire weekend  |  $90 per workshop

Spend a weekend learning about the practice of yoga by looking at the inner workings of yogic philosophy, the body, and the mind so that the practice becomes personal, effective and wise.  The practice of yoga is an individual journey that is mostly taught in group format these days.  In order to work within the current context with wisdom students must look deeply at their body and mind as it relates to each and every class and all with the philosophy of yoga as a practice at the root.  

We will begin with learning what a yoga practice is all about from a philosophical standpoint, we will discuss why we're doing asana and what it aims to teach us.  

We will then look at the nervous system and the deeper layers of the physical body and it's structure as a means to asses what's going on both structurally and mentally.  Most students are trapped to some degree in a fight or flight response and will will look at how that impacts the body and the mind as it impacts everything from range of motion to clarity of mind as well as the sensation of pain.

Students will then learn from the inside out about how their personal internal structure and range of motion relates to the postures most commonly offered in classes.  They will learn their own unique range of motion, how to interpret physical sensation signals, and how their mind interacts the bodily sensations which ultimately can lead to skilled choices which when refined can lead to a productive practice with less injury.

Each person's skeleton, musculature, connective tissue, lifestyle and injuries cause a unique situation that once uncovered will create a wiser approach to postures offered in classes as well as how to know when a certain pose just isn't meant for you leading to a practice with tremendous depth and effectiveness.

Weekend Schedule

Why Pose?: Friday, 7/7, 6-9pm

The Bottom Half - Feet, Legs, Knees, Hips, and Spine: Saturday, 7/8, 1-4pm

The Top Half - Wrists, Elbows, and Shoulders: Sunday, 7/9, 1-4pm

About Alexandria

Alexandria Crow’s yoga experience has been about transformation. The physical challenges of yoga provided a natural familiarity for the former competitive gymnast, while the philosophy of yoga has given her tools she uses to approach life with a fearless attitude. It was during her first teacher training that Alex realized the connection between the physical practice of yoga and the spiritual texts she had been studying. She learned the importance of living in the present and how one’s thoughts do not reflect one’s true self. This lesson and her continued yoga practice transformed her life.

Alex shares her personal experience of the transformative nature of yoga with her students. Her approach to teaching stems from her belief that the practice is for everyone. She guides her students step by step through creative sequences providing all of the components needed for each individual to feel successful. She encourages her students to challenge themselves while focusing on staying conscious of their body’s strengths and limits and making good decisions based on the present moment. Alex’s emphasis on paying attention allows her students to create true change and growth, something they can take with them into their daily lives.

Alex completed extensive training starting with the YogaWorks 200-Hour Certification Program, followed by a lengthy one-on-one apprenticeship with James Brown (former lead teacher trainer for YogaWorks and founder of American Yoga School) over the course of almost 1,000 studio and classroom hours. Since 2010, she has been leading 200 and 300-Hour Teacher Trainings in Santa Monica, CA, and various cities around the United States.


Sean Haleen 40-HR Alignment Teacher's Intensive
Aug 6

Sean Haleen 40-HR Alignment Teacher's Intensive


As Yoga teachers, we know the importance of remaining students, building connections with our colleagues, and taking time to deepen our practice. This 40-HR teacher's intensive will include all of that and more!

Sean is excited to announce his first annual teacher's intensive where you will refine your teaching craft through individualized feedback about your instruction and teaching exercises, deepen your practice with detailed alignment work, and join together with friends and support one another's endeavors and questions about the path we've devoted ourselves to.

This training will include:

*Detailed breakdown of advanced poses and how to teach them effectively and safely;

*Clarifying healthy alignment around whether to tuck your tailbone or not, the sacrum in twists and other poses, the shoulders, how to protect the knees in hip openers, and more;

*Refining and building your teaching skills including demonstrations, language, working with injuries, and hands on adjustments; and

*Conversations about how to navigate the tricky waters of being a teacher including topics like social media, challenging students, and finances. 

Open to both newer and more seasoned teachers and to teachers of all lineages and backgrounds. 

Prerequisite: Participants must have previously completed a 200RYT. Open to teachers of all lineages and backgrounds.


1:00 pm13:00

Hip Openers with Stephanie


This workshop is dedicated to opening and freeing the hips. The hip joint rotates in six directions - and we will explore every possible way to open the hips and relieve the tightness that inhibits so many of us. Opening the hips not only feels incredible but also boosts our immune system, frees the low back of tension, and awakens our 1st and 2nd chakras which lessens the pattern of stress response and stimulates creative flow.

This will be a deliciously challenging and flowing vinyasa sequence that will begin by creating heat and mobility in the joints and end with the long deep hip openers that our bodies crave!

1:00 pm13:00

Never Not Broken - A Yoga for Recovery Workshop

$111 - SOLD OUT.  Please contact the studio at hello@lovestoryyoga.com or 415-445-4075 to be added to the waitlist.

What if we understood that our greatest strength comes from the times when we are broken open? And what if we never sought to "fix" that brokenness, but instead drew our deepest wisdom from it? Inspired by the Hindu deity, Akhilandeshvari, the Goddess of She-Who-Is-Never-Not-Broken, this workshop will flip the commonly held ideas of strength, weakness, power, and struggle. Holly and Laura will lead a series of yoga practices and discussion to shift our energy, perceptions, and the way we relate to pain. We will cultivate a new kind of gentleness, understanding, and compassion for ourselves and others.

Bring comfortable clothes for yoga and mediation, a yoga mat (there will be mats available for rent), a journal, and a pen.

Space is limited. This workshop is for ALL LEVELS. No yoga experience necessary.

Holly Whitaker is a LA-based Kundalini yoga teacher, writer, founder of Hip Sobriety, and co-host of the HOME podcast.

Laura McKowen is a Boston-based yoga teacher, writer, mama, and co-host of the HOME podcast. Learn more about Laura at lauramckowen.com.

1:00 pm13:00

Spring Detox Flow w/ Neil Wadhawan


Flow into Spring with this two-hour vigorous practice that will utilize Pranayama, Asana, Kriya, Uddiyana Bandha and other methods to detoxify the body and mind. Students should arrive on an empty, or close-to-empty stomach, and bring a medium sized towel to be used as a prop.


Assisting Inversions with Sean Haleen
1:30 pm13:30

Assisting Inversions with Sean Haleen


Assisting Inversions Confidently and Effectively:

Have you always wanted to help your students, or maybe just your friends, explore inversions more effectively and safely? This workshop will delve into safely assisting people in Handstand, Forearmstand, Headstand, Shoulderstand, and other variations. You'll learn techniques to help a beginner blossom their inversion practice and also how to help inversion fanatics expand their repertoire.

Prerequisites: 200HR training or two years committed studentship, and some inversion experience. No major injuries, please.


1:00 pm13:00

Creating Magic with Claire Missingham



There are moments in the yoga journey where you are so focused and connected you glimpse ananda. Flow through a series of standing poses and hip openers, jump into inversion play, and use headstand as a transition for arm balancing. Practice the dynamic transition of handstand into wheel and practice deepening your eke pada sirsasana. This philosophy is wrapped in the beauty of the study of the koshas. We melt through our outer layers, or koshas, to our inner 'yyotir', or light.



1:30 pm13:30

Down N' Dirty Ganesha with Janet Stone

$35 in advance, $40 at the door

We start with planting deep roots into the earth, where Ganesha, "the remover of obstacles," resides. This workshop is designed to honor the new beginning of each breath as you bring fierce strength to your legs and hips, ignite your core power, and liberate your upper body and access the heart more fully--all to allow you to be more fully connected to the now. As James Brown says, "We've got to GET DOWN to GET ON UP!"


Detox Vinyasa with Stephanie
1:00 pm13:00

Detox Vinyasa with Stephanie


The holiday season often leaves us feeling depleted. This is a great time to warm up from within and reset your system.  

This vinyasa sequence is specifically designed to detoxify and cleanse.  Release toxic physical and emotional burden. 

We will stoke the inner fire through a flowing and strong standing pose sequence. Then move through deep hip openers to clear the pelvis and boost the immune system, twists to wring out the internal organs; awakening and renewing the digestive system, and simple inversions to stimulate the lymphatic system and aid in flushing impurities out of the body. This will be a deeply cleansing practice. 

Please bring a small hand towel to use as a prop.
All levels welcome.
Not appropriate for pregnancy.