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*Monthly $159*
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10 Classes $195
5 Classes $105
1 Class $22



12-Mo Unlimited $1,795
3-Mo Unlimited $500
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Just enough heat to create a detoxifying sweat. Curated playlists and chanting to support an uplifting flow. Strategic sequencing designed to increase strength and flexibility while releasing stress and fatigue.


Please Read The Yogi Guide Before Your First Class


Vinyasa Flow Level 1/2

Simple and sweaty. We'll move through a lighter version of our signature flow, emphasizing proper alignment and traditional poses while offering some modifications. A perfect class for those getting acquainted with yoga and how it works, feels, and moves you.


Vinyasa Flow Level 2/3

A dynamic flow for the student who loves a challenge. This sequence will build skill and awareness around some of the more advanced poses. We recommend taking at least 10 All Levels classes prior to joining a Level 2/3 class.


Vinyasa Flow All Levels

Everyone's welcome - from the adventurous beginner looking for a workout to the advanced student wanting a lighter practice. The teacher will offer variations that enable you to practice at your own level while keeping up with the flow.


Yoga Skills & Drills

Drawing from strength training, circus arts, and traditional yoga, this class will supercharge your practice and help you crack the code of the most difficult postures and transitions. Pose specific warm up and preparation drive the class toward a clear climax, each step making elusive poses more attainable. This class increases overall strength, flexibility, and coordination, and is a perfect supplement to any vinyasa practice. All levels of students willing to work and play hard are welcome.